The Greatest Business Advice!!!

Here is a great video by some vary successful entrepreneurs. I am not endorsing everyone of them, but listen to the comments they say about creating success in your life. Are you striving for excellence in everything you do, are you pushing outside your comfort zone, are you willing to look silly short term so you can live a life most won’t long term?. Put in the effort, stay consistent, and dominate your field.

You are worthy of living a successful life. Believe in yourself and don’t quit.

Comment on the bottom and let me know your biggest take away way from this video.

Be Amazing.

Alex Nickerson

10 thoughts on “The Greatest Business Advice!!!

  1. Alberto

    The thing that i see is every sucessful person has a commun point witch is Dream and never ever give up.

    Thats the key…

  2. Alex, thank you for creating this short video. I have three BIG takeaways that I would like to share….
    First, I need to have a dream that matches my purpose. I need to take stock of my talents and passion and detect why I am here and for what reason.
    Second, I need to have a fanatical passion for accomplishing my dream that overshadows any obstacle, rejection or failure that comes my way.
    Third, Never, Never, Never give up believing in myself and my dream! Expect it to be hard, but worth it!!
    To our success!!

  3. Ernie Robinson

    Hi Alex,
    Keep this coming! I heard recently that one can never rise above one’s level of confidence…then read “act confident to think confidently” in the Magic of Thinking Big”—LIFE is teaching me to change my mind from how my environment raised me…to be a Winner. This video shares so much in 5 minutes!!! Can I share your blog outside the group? I want to! Who knows who it could bring to us!



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